Tuesday, 4 October 2016

5am Thoughts: Why did God Create them?

As I sat on my bed going through yesterday's pictures and appreciating how lovely it is that Prince Harry helps to create awareness for causes charities like the Well Child projects, is awesome. The Holy Spirit of God laid IT(what I am about to share with you) in my heart. There and then, I began to understand some deep things.
Some people enjoy bashing God like, "why did God create this person so he/she can suffer?"
"Why did God make this person ugly?"
But, truely, what IS ugly? What IS THE definition of ugly? Who gave ugly that definition?  Man.
Unlike man, God doesn't relate to people based on looks/appearances, or even wealth(shout out to those vain girls that don't say hello to people they feel are below them, shame!). It's beautiful because God relates with us based on who we really are.
What is your spiritman/woman like?
Is he/she good, bad, evil, kind, a killjoy?

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God still loves, and, beckons us daily to return/remain in the fold of his love. He relates with us, spirit to spirit(he is a spirit after all). It's unbelievable how outward appearances don't move God, but what he sees in our minds(yup! he's omniscient as well).
So, the next time you hear someone try to mock God as to why he made this person this way, and the other that way, remember that person probably has more of a personal relationship with God that he could ever have imagined. It might not be easy physically, however, chances are that person has a very beautiful spirit.
A BIG shout out to the parents, loved ones, and, medics of critically ill children all the "thank you" in the World is not enough for the heroic job you do for those precious children.
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